You make a rational prefrontal cortex decision not to move and then in an overwhelming instant this is overridden without volition.

A force stronger than that of survival courses through you in waves.

Every cell screams in unison for the hunger to be satiated.

And as the biophysical and psychological fails to endure, you are pushed towards a bitter end.

It's not the end though. But how you wish it was.

You’re at the whim of a pleasure dysfunction and a volition disorder, a psychodynamic phenomenon of memory, meaning, value assessment, probability and risk.

A brain state of recurring fantasy, arousal and near-satiation.

A hedonic cascade of adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oxycontin and vasopressin potent enough to diminish all choreographed, coordinated modulatory system responses, pruning the organism to a fixed and finite behavioural repertoire.

Involuntary Movement provides a momentary glimpse of the circuitous endgame reflex torment of process addiction – unceasing bio-psycho-social-spiritual aberration, disarray and abandonment.

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